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Donations and Volunteering

When donating to any cause we recommend donating directly to the school, family or orphanage, not a third party whenever possible. The best thing to do is go to the place and volunteer. Buy the rice, food, medical or school supplies or help build the school yourself. It's always better to give goods than cash. It's easy to make a difference in a very poor community without much cash. Once you find a good place, empower your friends and get them involved by gathering used clothing, or pooling funds to buy shoes or notebooks at a nearby local market.

Don't get caught up in volunteer scams that charge you thousands of dollars to 'volunteer' where all the money goes to a tourist agency and $0 to the community. The real spirit of giving means giving a helping hand, not a handout of cash. Share your own knowlege and skills and you can be suprised how this can be life changing. Teach them computers, sewing, painting, art, science, whatever your passion is! Here are some examples. If you would like some advice on good places to volunteer and how to make your time and money do the most good, please email us!

Support Children's Improvement Organization, Siem Reap
Help support the children of CIO by becoming a sponsor, or purchasing bracelets, purses, aprons and more made by Ma and the children at CIO. To do so, please email us, or contact Janis Lindblom via Facebook.

Support an HHC Project
Please join us on the road, or sponsor one of our projects. We pay for our own food and travel, with absolutely ZERO administration costs so anything that you give will go 100% to helpless children. Please join us. Give a hug, give a book or give $5. Anything is appreciated and can make a huge difference.

If you would like to donate to Helping Helpless Children, we can accept funds, through PayPal. Please go to and send funds to '' or click on the link below.

Thank you!

Dr Josefu Deyama and Megan Angele