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Helping Helpless Children does just that. We go to the poorest places, and do whatever we can to help children in the greatest need. Whether it's planting a garden, building a fish farm, helping a single mother with AIDS start a small business, or bringing clothes and school supplies to girls living on a garbage dump...we do it all! We find the kids that have fallen through the cracks, have been orphaned and abandoned and help them get the tools and skills they need to get out of poverty.

We don't just throw money at a problem, or give cash to big NGOs, we help the helpless find their power and become self-sustaining. We go directly to the source and help individuals in need by teaching them a skill, helping them feed themselves, giving them encouragement and making sure they have the basic necessities to get a good education.

Here are a few of our current projects:

Urgent Update on Erica and Mary Beth:
Mary Beth passed away in late July 2016. She fought long and hard to be the best mother she could be for Erica. Erica's grandmother is trying to take care of her now, but they are squatting behind some containers in a wearhouse, homeless. They need school clothes and supplies, notebooks and money for medical expenses, and a safe place to live. Also anyone who can donate vitamin supplements such as Vitamin D and COQ10, would be very helpful. We are looking into adoption or relocating her as soon as we can. The grandmother won't be able to take care of her long.

Erica was born and raised in Taiwan when she and her mother deported two years ago for having AIDS. Both had been living with advanced AIDS and TB in Manila. She can't afford all their tests and medication which are not covered by the Philippine health care system, and will die without it.

Please help support them with donations, or contact Megan at

Harmony Home Taiwan:

Dr Joseph has worked with Nicole Yang of Harmony Home for over 5 years, rescuing abandoned AIDS orphans in Central China and Taiwan. Together they launched a massive educational outreach program to raise awareness program, lecturing on AIDS and sex education at schools and universities all over Taiwan. Learn more and get involved:

English site:
Chinese site:

Tondo garbage mountain girls: The 7 little girls living here in garbage on smoky mountain need clothes, school uniforms, and money for food, school supplies and medicine for asthma and bronchitis.

We could use clothing for girls age 3-12 and one 19yr old girl. Backpacks and school supplies such as notebooks and pens are always helpful. Also any children's books would be great for all ages.

Their home on garbage mountain is threatened by the government who is now building a 10ft cement wall around the dumpsite where they live. We are looking for funding and honest people to help with relocating them to a new permanent home when the time comes.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Here, families without enough money to feed all their children sometimes sell the youngest girls into sexual slavery, and abandon the boys to live on the streets. Almost 1200 girls as young as 4 years old are sold here every month.

There is so much corruption in the government here that we do not recommend giving any money to Unicef or volunteering through any big NGOs that ask for expensive 'volunteer fees'. We visit and volunteer directly at orphanages that we trust and try to address their specific needs.

Housing for Children's Improvement Organization, Siem Reap

Update, July 2016. The children at CIO are doing very well now and thanks to your help the Children at CIO will soon have a home of thier own! To help fund the construction go to: Go Fund Me. To sponsor a child, please go to: or email Rich in the US at: or Alison in Australia at:

Children's Improvement Organization This is our second home. The kids here are amazing! Sitha and Ma take care of more than 30 children just outside of Siem Reap and are doing a wonderful job. Our dear friend Rich Cromwell organizes the sponsorships and is currently looking for sponsors for the 2016/17 school year. Please write to us if you'd like to be a sponsor, or talk directly to Sitha who can be found here on Facebook.

Venerable Piseth - Together We Can Help our Children This wonderful smiling monk has a school for children in Kratie Province, Cambodia. We met him September 2013 and brought him educational laptops to his school, courtesy of

Wat Opot On our September trip we will also went to Wat Opot, an organization that helps with AIDS children in Takeo to see how they are doing and what we can do to contribute. They are always in need of contributions and volunteers. The children here meditate together every night, and make jewelry to help support the orphanage. Please consider supporting them, or volunteering.

Children's Improvement Organization

As Mother Theresa said, "If you want something done, do it yourself!" Help us give these helpless children a chance for a better life.

Please join us on the road, or sponsor one of our projects. We pay for our own food and travel, with absolutely ZERO administration costs so anything that you give will go 100% to helpless children. Please join us. Give a hug, give a book or give $5. Anything is appreciated and can make a huge difference. Thank you!

Dr Josefu Deyama & Megan Angele
Questions please email Megan at:

Past Projects:
• PINK PARTY @ The Brass Monkey, August 10th 2013. Learn more.
• Fundraising for BCI Cambodia (now CIO), May 2012, Updated Oct 2012 - click here