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Past Projects:

The Colonel of Califonia - June 2014 View Now
Our first documentary! This is a 5min biopic of a homeless veteran in San Diego that we have been helping. Introducing an American hero; accomplished musician and songwriter, proud businessman and combat veteran. Now disabled with cancer and Alzheimer’s, Lieutenant Colonel Christopher McDunn is fighting for his life again. This time he is battling to find his next meal, a safe place to sleep, crippling medical debt, police harassment, and even other homeless that are more desperate than he… This is his story. A story that could be yours… See what a difference the kindness of strangers can make in one person’s life. The measure of a community is how we care for those that are most vulnerable.

• PINK PARTY @ The Brass Monkey, August 10th 2013. Learn more.

• Fundraising for BCI Cambodia (now CIO), May 2012, Updated Oct 2012 - click here

Mary Beth and Erica:
Erica was born and raised in Taiwan when she and her mother deported two years ago for having AIDS. Both are now living with advanced AIDS and TB in Manila, with no friends or family to help. Mary Beth is trying to support them with her skills making purses. She makes beautiful beaded coin purses, and purses from recycled chip and coffee bags. They can't afford all their tests and medication which are not covered by the Philippine health care system, and will die without it.

They need school clothes and supplies, notebooks and money for medical expenses. Also anyone who can donate vitamin supplements such as Vitamin D and COQ10, would be very helpful.

Update March 2015: Sadly Mary Beth is too ill to make purses any longer. They have moved to the provinces. They are getting some support from Harmony Home Taiwan's own artist, Michelle. Thank you Michelle! In addition Mary Beth is hoping to open a small sari-sari shop near Erica's school. She needs $200 to get started.

Please help support them with donations, or contact Megan at

Purses by Mary Beth:
300nt ($10US) for regular size, $400nt ($12.50US) for large. Choose from beaded coin purses (above) or recycled garbage purses (below).