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Help a little girl who loves PINK! Little Erica is only 6 years old. She's loves dancing to hip-hop, drawing and of course she loves everything PINK!

Erica was just in the hospital for two weeks with severe pneumonia, and she is still very sick. She was born in Taiwan and she and her mother were deported two years ago for having AIDS. Since then they have been struggling to make ends meet. Although most AIDS care is free in the Philippines they don't cover many of the expensive tests and treatment for other illnesses such as TB and pneumonia. They cannot pay for this most recent hospital stay on their own.

Erica just started 1st grade. Before she got sick we were trying to raise 12,000nt so that her mother, Mary Beth, could open up small shop across the street from Erica's school. MaryBeth makes beautiful purses from beads and recycled chip and coffee bags too. Now that they have a large medical bill to pay it is more important than ever that Mary Beth has a way to support them both.

Any small amount you can give will go 100% to Erica's mother so she can start her business and pay for their food and medical expenses.

How you can help:
• Dress up in pink and come to Brass Monkey August 10th. We will be there accepting small donations in person. PINK PARTY on Facebook

Brass Monkey

• Or go to and send your donation to:


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