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What We Do

Helping Helpless Children does just that. We go to the poorest places, and do whatever we can to help children in the greatest need. Whether it's planting a garden, building a fish farm, helping a single mother with AIDS start a small business, or bringing clothes and school supplies to girls living on a garbage dump...we do it all!

Education & Outreach:
Dr Josefu has lectured all over the world on health, AIDS, interdisiplinary education and the meaning of life! Helping others is the path to true happiness and fufilment in life.

Listen to some of his lectures on Happiness, The Purpose of Life, How to Live a Dream Life Dr Joseph (Josefu) Limoli Deyama, here on



Search for Dr Joseph Limoli, or Josefu Deyama on YouTube

Farming & Permaculture: At HHC we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty! In communities where starvation and malnutition are prevelant the most lasting good you can do is to help establish a garden, fish farm, or even build a chicken coop.

We have studied Permaculture and organic gardening with Tammy Turner and other great farmers in Taiwan and taken classes in aquaponics. Give the gift of seeds and gardening knowlege. Learn how to compost, and help revitalize the soil! If you don't know how, take a course. If you are in Taiwan we highly recommend courses from Tammy Turner and Avata Aquaponics. Want to learn how to clean up contaminated soil and make super organic veggies - study with Pierre's Organics! Read the article here in The Wild East Magazine.

To get started, download 'The Farmer's Handbook'.

Arts and Crafts: Megan has a background in Art and loves to teach drawing, painting and do arts and crafts with children everywhere we go. From making playdough with preschoolers in India, to bracelet making in Cambodia, you never know what will make a difference in someone's life.

At CIO in Cambodia, the children learned braclet making so fast and loved it so much that they created their own designs and now sell them to tourists to help tourists to help pay for their rice!

As Mother Theresa said, "If you want something done, do it yourself!" Help us give these helpless children a chance for a better life.

Please join us on the road, or sponsor one of our projects. We pay for our own food and travel, with absolutely ZERO administration costs so anything that you give will go 100% to helpless children. Please join us. Give a hug, give a book or give $5. Anything is appreciated and can make a huge difference. Thank you!

Dr Josefu Deyama & Megan Angele
Questions please email Megan at: